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Rakennus Jalonen Oy’s operating area is Western Finland.

Our services include: 

Industrial construction, construction of office spaces, building maintenance, municipal construction sites, diamond cutting, fire protection works, indoor air solutions, coating works and overall handling of customer’s building maintenance.

Contact us and let’s find the best solution for your needs.

CoNstruction of industrial and business facilities and building maintenance

Our construction operations include different areas of new and renovative construction works.

Our services include all works from ground works to ready buildings. 

We have long experience in repair construction works. Our professionals are able to handle works from small repair projects to extensive repair and renovation projects. 

In addition, part of our services are building maintenance, handling of condition inspections of your buildings and defining the needs for repair and maintenance together with customer.

Diamond cutting and demolition works

We perform also diamond cutting and drilling works.

Demolition, grinding and grooving works can be done to concrete and solid rock.

Fire prevention and protection works

Part of our contractual works are also fire prevention works i.e fire stop. 

Fire stop works means fire technical sealing of electrical wires, plummings or other technical systems to correspond similar structure as fire compartment structure.

Fire stop prevents the flames, heat and smoke gases to spread through wiring holes in case of a fire.

Coating works

We carry out floor and ceiling coating and painting works on both industrial sites and public / municipal offices.

Solutions for indoor air problems

Part of our operations are also indoor air system repairs. 

By sealing the structures for indoor air systems, the flow of unclean air from soil and building structures can be prevented. 

When the works are performed properly, the effects to indoor air quality, energy efficiency and functionality of heating and other technical structures have been proven to be very beneficial in both old and new buildings.




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