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Maarakennus Jalonen Oy is a construction company for infrastructure building.

We operate in Western Finland.

Our services include:

infrastructure building, land crushing and screening, transportation services, deliveries of land and earth material, demolition works, machinery works etc.

Infrastructure construction

Maarakennus Jalonen is specialized in infrastructure construction works. Our versatile company carries out all ground construction works with strong and long experience and craftmanship. 

We use 3D-control in our machines and create models for machine control. 

Our slogan “Versatility is our Strength” describes us better than well, as we perform works related to excavation, roads, waste water, rain water and drain systems, crushing of stone and concrete, screening, mining, demolition etc but also delivering stone, ground and sand materials and machine services with comprehensive machinery.


Stone crushing is one of our main areas of expertise. We perform solid rock and stone crashing works in Western Finland area. We have efficient and modern stone crushing equipment and machinery, which enables us to serve our customers with quality products and services in most cost-efficient way. Our crushing machinery is on roll and tracked, and it is suitable for both small and large work sites.


We arrange transportation according to customer’s wishes with our versatile equipment and machinery.

Transportations from moving earth to special transportation: 

Our machinery includes earth moving trucks, semi-trailer tippers, cassette trailer tippers,  demountable trucks, low loader-semi-trailers, low loaders and also dumpers for earth moving.

Demolition Work

We perform demolition work on concrete structures, tiles and groundwork. In addition to stone crushing we make also recycling crushing of concrete waste.

We have following equipment for demolition work:

  • Hammer
  • Power dropper
  • Milling cutter
  • Pulverizer
  • Iron cutter
  • Darda hydraulic breaker
  • Diamond cutting and drilling
  • Breaker equipment
  • Hydraulic lifting magnet


R3 class regular bridges are included in the construction services by Maarakennus Jalonen Oy.  Class R3 bridges are for example concrete bridges, stainless steel structures, laminated beam bridges and drum bridges. RALA approved bridge contractors can be found on: » Link to the list (in Finnish)


Our machinery includes for example:

  • Excavators with rolls or wheels,  0,8 – 50 tn, 3D-control 

  • Grader, 3D-control

  • Bulldozer, 3D-control

  • Excavators 25-35 tn

  • Wheel loaders

  • Sealing equipment: roller compactor 2-20 tn

  • Dumper and dump trucks

  • Trucks for earth moving with gravel cartridge and semi-trailers.

  • Trucks for special transportation

  • Demolition equipment

  • Crushing and screening: Track equipment and machinery

  • Additional equipment: milling tools, hammers, magnets, machine hands, grabs, pulverizers, iron cutters, augers, brush machines, tree cutters, forklift forks etc.  

  • Equipment and machinery rental also without driver



Pia-Lena Blomroos

Eija Hovi

production / services

Kimmo Roslöf

Tommi Vänttinen

Niilo Jalonen

Markku Jalonen


Our own workshop is continuously working on to keep our equipment and machinery in good condition.

Our workshop is also making maintenance works on other machinery, whenever the maintenance situation of our own equipment allows outside works.


e-invoicing address:

e-invoice operator:


Operator ID:

0037 2129 1126

Operator ID at banking network:

Paper invoices:

Maarakennus Jalonen Oy
PL 100
80020 Kollektor Scan

PDF-invoices can be sent to: