From Konevuokraus Jalonen you can get proper equipment and machinery to groundwork as well as chimneys ! Our line of business is rental and maintenance of construction machinery and equipment.

Our company offers wide and many-sided range of machinery at low price.

Contact us and let’s fine a suitable solution for you and your company. 

Our rental shop is at  Lounaisväylä 3, Rauma.

We offer for rental

Lifting machines, scaffolding, construction machines, land construction machines, aggregates, vans, trailers i.e small and big machinery and equipment. 

Any machinery/equipment needed in construction works.

Avant machinery and equipment from us


Transportation for rental equipment, cranes with drivers and lifting works with crane car.

Sales of crushed stone material or earth

From us you can buy one bucket or full trailer of crushed stone, sand, earth, gravel or wooden chips. 

During winter time also gravel for slippery roads.


Juha Metsätähti

Rental shop


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